The developer of a proposed 101-story super-tower in downtown Seattle has revised its plan to a 94-story skyscraper.

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The developer of a proposed 101-story super-tower in downtown Seattle has scaled back the plan to a 94-story skyscraper, city records show.

Crescent Heights, a Miami-based developer, created a stir last fall when it proposed to build a gigantic tower on the west side of Fourth Avenue, spanning the half block from Cherry to Columbia streets.

The initial proposal envisioned a 1,111-foot-high vertical neighborhood with 83 floors of residences and 14 floors of offices, hotel rooms and retail. That structure could have snagged the title of the West Coast’s tallest skyscraper and added Seattle to an exclusive club of cities with super-tall towers.

In the latest iteration, however, Crescent Heights has reduced the tower’s proposed height to 1,029 feet above ground, with up to 75 residential floors and up to 10 floors of commercial space, according to plans filed with the city before a March 1 public hearing before the design review board.

There are additional aboveground floors for parking, amenities and the mechanical systems.

The tower’s height is an issue for the Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates airspace.

In December, the agency told the developer the proposed tower was a “presumed hazard” because it exceeded 499 feet above ground level. If the tower could be reduced to 965 feet and meet certain conditions, the FAA said, it could grant permission for the developer to proceed.

In the latest plans filed with the city, Crescent Heights also shows an “alternate tower height” of 959 feet.

“We have no particular target height, nor are we really very focused on the final height of the building,” Bruce Menin, a Crescent Heights principal, said in a statement. The company said it’s working with the FAA and focused on creating “a model building that feels right for Seattle.”

At 1,029 feet, the scaled-down tower would still bump 933-foot Columbia Center from its berth as the tallest skyscraper in the Pacific Northwest, according to data from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

The West Coast’s tallest skyscraper is U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, rising to 1,018 feet, according to the council.

Also in Los Angeles, construction is under way on the 1,099-foot-high Wilshire Grand Center.

Crescent Height’s revised plan calls for somewhere between 890 and 1,020 residences. The developer has slashed the amount of office space from an initial 151,650 square feet to between 55,000 and 85,000 square feet.

“The 4th and Columbia tower represents a transformative opportunity to define the next evolution of Seattle’s downtown,” the developer said in its latest plan filed with the city. By creating a magnet for activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, “the tower will be a beacon at night in this office-dominant district.”