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When I moved to Atlanta, it was the first time I hosted my family for the holidays in my home. I finally had space, but not furniture, so I frantically bought a giant sleeper sofa.

Friends later called it “the band-aid” for both its color and function. That was a $1,500 mistake no one should make.

Retailers are offering deals on home décor and other items during holiday entertaining sales, so now is a good time to save money while upgrading your guest room.

Don’t have a dedicated guest room? Make a guest space. A daybed, futon or air mattress placed in an office or nook can serve as a bed. An air mattress will likely be the most affordable option and it offers the most versatility. Try to find a space that gives a bit of privacy, or create it with the use of screens or curtains.

These tips can make any guest room or space feel more like four-star accommodations:

Dress the bed. Invest in new linens for the guest bed. It’s a good idea to have one set of linens designated for guests. Place a folded blanket at the foot of the bed, and add an extra pillow. Spritz everything with a lavender scented linen spray for a nice touch.

Create space. Make room in closets for guests to hang their clothing. If there are no closets or they are full, use a wall-mounted hanging rack or a garment rack. Make room for suitcases, as well.

Stock the nightstand. Make sure there is a lamp near the bed, preferably within arm’s reach. If you don’t have a nightstand, you can use a side table or ottoman. Fresh flowers and candles are nice additions to the nightstand, as well as bottled water or water in a carafe and a glass.

Clean the bathroom. Ideally your guest will have his or her own bathroom. Add a selection of sample-size toiletries — toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, lotion — and put out fresh towels. And be sure there are extra rolls of toilet paper in view. If you have one bathroom that your guest will be sharing, clean up your clutter first, then offer the same finishing touches.