It’s difficult to describe neatly the deep changes the pandemic has brought to Seattle’s renters and homeowners.

Renters, for the first time ever, have sweeping protections against eviction, instituted by the city, state and federal government, as well as a degree of rent relief. Some tenants, though, typically in more expensive buildings, are vacating to more spacious digs. That’s helping drive up rents and home prices in the Seattle area’s most affordable neighborhoods to never-before-seen heightspotentially posing problems for the people already living there.

Some have called the widespread housing changes brought about by the pandemic the “Great Reshuffling.” Others have predicted the onslaught of a massive wave of evictions and foreclosures.

As we continue to cover housing around Seattle, we want to hear from you about how the pandemic has affected where you live. Your insights and experiences will help inform future articles and shape our reporting on the long-lasting impact of the pandemic.

We’re curious to learn about why you’ve moved or considered moving during the pandemic. Did you relocate to be near loved ones, or because you needed more space now that we’re all spending more time at home? (A lot more time at home.) Maybe you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Seattle-area employees who can work from anywhere. Or maybe, as the recession deepens and layoffs continue, you moved to a place where it’s easier to afford rent or mortgage payments.

If you’re behind on your rent or fear you could be soon, we want to know whether city and state eviction bans provided any reassurance as you consider how much to spend on rent as opposed to other necessities, like food, transit and health care. Have you received any assistance from rent relief programs, and was it enough? If you’ve lost housing during the pandemic, we want to know how you’re coping, and what resources you wish had been available to keep you in your home.

Maybe, like most of us, you’ve stayed right where you were at the beginning of the pandemic. What changes have you noticed in your neighborhood? Are home prices and rents going up or down? Who’s moving in, and who’s leaving?

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