It’s the latest building Vulcan Real Estate has unloaded in recent years.

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Vulcan Real Estate has sold another one of Amazon’s South Lake Union office buildings, this time to two New York-based investment firms in a $244 million deal.

Paul Allen’s company, which built the Amazon Phase VII office at 400 Ninth Ave N in Seattle, announced Thursday that it has sold the property to Tristar Capital and RFR Holding.

The 12-story building features Sam’s Tavern on the ground floor, 313,000 square feet of office fully leased by Amazon above, and an art installation of suspended blue and white spheres with suction cup-like features.

It opened last year as part of a broader Amazon expansion built by Vulcan. Like many new offices in the neighborhood, the site used to be a parking lot and a small building.

The property has an assessed value of $163 million. The sale ranks among the top five biggest real estate transactions of the year in King County.

Vulcan has been selling off much of the constellation of South Lake Union buildings it built for Amazon. Most recently, it dealt another Amazon building from a recent expansion to a South Korean firm for $247 million, and in 2012, Amazon boughta set of the offices for $1.2 billion.

Just Wednesday, a Belltown office partially occupied by Amazon sold for $93 million.