The 24-hour dining spot has been a fixture in South Lake Union and despite a plan to replace its current building with a high-rise, the restaurant's owner says, "13 Coins isn't going anywhere."

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The well-known 13 Coins Restaurant says it expects to stay put in South Lake Union even when a California developer replaces its current building with a high-rise residential tower.

The restaurant has a long-term lease on its Boren Avenue location, said owner Al Moscatel. Moreover, since news broke last week of developer H5 Capital’s plans, the Beverly Hills-based company has contacted him and wants to create “a win-win situation,” Moscatel said.

“13 Coins isn’t going anywhere,” Moscatel said.

The brand is growing elsewhere, though. In April, the company opened a restaurant in downtown Bellevue next to the Hyatt Regency. He said it also plans to launch a 13 Coins and a fast-casual dining option called 13 Coins Express in May 2017 in the Sodo neighborhood, at American Life’s new Stadium Place East development.

Moscatel and his partners bought the business in 2006. They’ve kept the classics on the menu but are testing new dishes that customers want, such as gluten-free items and daily specials like “Rachel’s fried chicken” on Sundays at the Bellevue location.

“When we bought the restaurant, we didn’t understand how much 13 Coins is really a part of the community,” Moscatel said. “We’ll do everything we can to stay in the location where we are.”