Bellevue-based Puget Sound Energy says it will buy enough power for 1,000 households from Farm Power Northwest, which plans a manure digester to produce methane gas for generating electricity.

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Puget Sound Energy says it has an agreement with a Mount Vernon company to produce electric power from manure from dairies.

The deal with Farm Power Northwest could generate enough power for 1,000 households or a city the size of LaConner.

The Bellevue utility will purchase the electricity and the resulting renewable energy credits.

The cow manure will be processed in a digester that produces methane gas to fuel generators. Byproducts are more environmentally friendly than unprocessed manure.

Farm Power says it has manure commitments from four dairies and is building a digester near Mount Vernon. President Kevin Maas says it should be a long-term source of renewable energy and of additional income for dairies.