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What: EVO Media Group, Seattle

Who: Mark Michael, 27, co-founder

Mission: Translate customers’ personal passion into a profitable online business.

Employees: 10

Financials: The year-old private company said it has about 30,000 customers. It first achieved profitability in August and will clear about $2 million this year, according to Michael.

Stairway to profit: The company’s product, DevHub, is an online template where customers use drag-and-drop creation elements to build a page. The company then matches the content to advertisers who address that particular audience, increasing the value of the page to site visitors and bringing advertisers qualified leads.

Alternate universe: DevHub strives to turn unconventional ideas into revenue streams. “Someone could get the absolute highest score on ‘Guitar Hero’ and want to brag about this accomplishment,” Michael said. “When they put it online there are people who are interested, and there are advertisers who will pay to get access to that audience.”

Happy hookup: Michael thinks recognizable passion increases the value of a site, which, using DevHub, leads to profits. “You might be passionate about cooking and have a really good blog or recipe site,” he said. “We will put up an ad for a local cooking school, and get $45 for each lead generated. That adds up, and you can make money without having to manufacture a product and ship it to a customer.”

Solidify: “Under the old model, you told people about a product, service or idea and never got any credit for it,” Michael said. “Today we can help track how this information leads to a purchase, so you get paid in the physical world.”

— Charles Bermant