A year ago, business and life partners Stephen Guarino and Cambrie Burns founded a service that evolved out of their own need — finding Portland-area breweries that are open and friendly to the couple bringing along another partner, their dog Riley, when they go out for a beer.

Now, Pup Passport has expanded to the Puget Sound area, offering the same service for Seattleites looking for a place to have a pint and bring their pooch without having to scour the web only to get conflicting information about pet friendliness.

“We frequent the brewery scene, so we wanted to find cool places where we could take him,” Guarino said. “We didn’t want to leave him in his crate. But we had to call places to see, and websites weren’t always right.”

The service is pretty straightforward: The digital Pup Passport resides on your phone and guides you to confirmed dog-friendly spots. You show it to participating breweries to get discounts on beer and other perks.

So far in their first year, Guarino and Burns have about 50 Portland-area breweries on the passport, and about 20 in Seattle.

“The first year has been pretty cool,” Guarino said. “We did quite a bit of outreach at first, and after that we stopped trying to reach out to additional breweries — they just found us. That’s been cool making a name for ourselves and being recognized.”


Guarino said he and Burns had been approached by a winery interested in Pup Passport, so more expansion could be on the horizon.

But for now, after getting the Seattle service launched then passing this Saturday’s one-year mark, a more important thing demands Guarino and Burns’ time: their wedding.

“We were happy to get the Seattle passport out and usable before we have all the wedding stuff going on and the honeymoon, then once we come back from that then we’ll talk about what to do next,” Guarino said.