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ROME (AP) — Police say Italy’s three big organized crime syndicates are increasingly infiltrating Rome’s economy, sometimes collaborating for efficiency.

The semi-annual report of the national anti-Mafia investigative police agency DIA offers a grim analysis of how the Sicilian Mafia, Naples-area Camorra and Calabria-rooted ‘ndrangheta invest illegal revenues heavily in Rome hotels, restaurants and stores, often aided by complicit lawyers and accountants.

DIA analysts say mobsters from the three crime syndicates based in southern Italy blend into Rome’s populous neighborhoods. They say the mobsters often set up companies run by professionals to infiltrate public contract bidding. They also warn of the mobsters’ ability to corrupt local officials.

Separately, authorities said Wednesday they suspect Rome authorities and local mobsters colluded to demand payoffs from street vendors for permission to operate near major tourist attractions.