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Here are the 10 highest-paid female CEOs for 2017, as calculated by The Associated Press and Equilar, an executive data firm.

The AP’s compensation study covered 339 executives at S&P 500 companies who have served at least two full consecutive fiscal years at their respective companies, which filed proxy statements between Jan. 1 and April 30. Some companies with highly paid CEOs do not fit these criteria, such as Oracle.

Compensation often includes stock and option grants that the CEO may not receive for years unless certain performance measures are met. For some companies, big raises occur when CEOs get a stock grant in one year as part of a multi-year grant.


1. Indra Nooyi


$25.9 million

Change from last year: Up 3 percent


2. Debra Cafaro


$25.3 million

Change: Up 161 percent


3. Mary Barra

General Motors

$21.9 million

Change: Down 2 percent


4. Phebe Novakovic

General Dynamics

$21.2 million

Change: Flat


5. Lynn Good

Duke Energy

$21.1 million

Change: Up 57 percent


6. Marillyn Hewson

Lockheed Martin

$20.2 million

Change: Up 4 percent


7. Virginia Rometty


$18 million

Change: Down 44 percent


8. Margaret Whitman

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

$14.8 million

Change: Down 55 percent


9. Margaret Keane

Synchrony Financial

$13.5 million

Change: Up 32 percent


10. Heather Bresch


$12.7 million

Change: Down 4 percent