Northwest Airlines said it will begin hiring workers tomorrow to replace striking employees after contract negotiations broke down yesterday.

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Northwest Airlines said it will begin hiring workers tomorrow to replace striking employees after contract negotiations broke down yesterday.

The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association discontinued talks, St. Paul, Minnesota-based Northwest said in a statement. A recorded message on the union’s hotline confirmed talks had ended.

Northwest’s 4,427 mechanics, cleaners and custodians walked out Aug. 20 rather than accept 25 percent pay cuts and layoffs of some 2,000 workers.


Fourth airline upset with A380 jet delays

Malaysian Airline System said yesterday it will seek compensation from Airbus because of an average six-month delay in the delivery of six A380 jets.

It joins Emirates, the largest customer for the A380; Qantas Airways; and Singapore Airlines in seeking damages. Airbus said in June the first deliveries of the new 555-seat aircraft will be delayed as much as half a year.

With the delay, Malaysian Airline will receive the first aircraft on July 2007 and the last plane will be delivered in May 2009, the carrier said.

Singapore Airlines plans to be the first airline to fly the A380 in December next year.


First news show to debut in 2 weeks

Yahoo!, a recycler of traditional media’s work, is becoming a news gatherer itself. Today, it plans to announce the first of many original programs expected to come from the Yahoo! Media Group headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif.

Starting Sept. 26, international war journalist Kevin Sites will begin filing video, audio and text dispatches to Yahoo! News each day and hold live chat and videoconferencing sessions from war zones worldwide.

Sites stirred debate by filming a Marine shooting a wounded Iraqi in a Fallujah mosque last fall.

His program is the clearest evidence yet that Yahoo! believes it is ready to compete with TV networks for viewers and advertisers.


“War & Peace” printed in 1 minute

IBM introduced what it says is the fastest commercial laser printer, capable of producing the 1,408 pages of “War and Peace” in less than one minute.

The machine is a version of IBM’s Infoprint 4100 line of continuous-form printers, used for pumping out credit-card statements and direct-mail advertisements.

Customers include Sprint Nextel, which uses the machines to print bills, Jill Holt, an IBM spokeswoman, said. The machine this model is replacing could print as many as 1,148 pages a minute, she said.

Cyan Worlds

Spokane company cuts workers; 3 left

The Spokane company that made the best-selling computer games “Myst” and “Riven” has laid off about two dozen workers because of falling sales of the games.

As of Tuesday, the only three Cyan Worlds workers left were founder Rand Miller, his brother, Ryan, and Cyan Worlds President Tony Fryman.

Started in 1987, Cyan Worlds has sold more than 15 million copies of its adventure puzzle games.

Compiled from Bloomberg News, Los Angeles Times and The Associated Press