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Federal Home Loan Bank

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle is reducing its staff again, shaving an additional 38 jobs to bring its total number of employees to 128. The goal is to reduce operating expenses to a level that reflects its new focus on lending to member banks, it told members yesterday.

The bank earlier cut about 26 positions after running into trouble last year with a mortgage-buying program it is now discontinuing.


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Talent Zoo sues over trademark

A lawsuit filed against Seattle-based Jobster last week claims it infringed on Atlanta-based Talent Zoo’s trademark. The suit stems from Jobster’s acquisition of WorkZoo, which closed Thursday. All three companies provide online recruiting services.

Prior to the purchase, Talent Zoo sued WorkZoo over the same issue, and WorkZoo agreed to stop using the trademark, said Talent Zoo attorney Marc Hershovitz.

Since the suit overlapped with Jobster’s acquisition of WorkZoo, he said, Jobster was asked to join the settlement talks but declined.

A spokeswoman for Jobster would not elaborate on the suit other than to say Jobster believes the claims are without merit.


Real-estate offices planned for NW

Barry Diller’s InterActiveCorp plans to open several real-estate brokerage offices in the Pacific Northwest in the first half of 2006, The Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site last night.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Anderson told the paper IAC hasn’t decided whether to buy existing businesses or start new ones.

IAC operates two real-estate-related Web sites, and This month, it spun off online travel business Expedia, based in Bellevue.

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Creative Technology

Patent claimed for iPod technology

Creative Technology, the Singapore-based developer of the Zen and Nomad digital media players, said yesterday it received a patent this month for technology it says is being used in Apple Computer’s iPod devices. Creative said it applied for the patent in January 2001.

The patent covers interface elements used in the devices to navigate among songs. Creative would not say if it would take action to enforce the patent.

United Airlines

777 maintenance shifting to China

United Airlines, the second-largest U.S. carrier, hired a Chinese company for major maintenance of its Boeing 777 aircraft, as airlines increase use of contractors to reduce costs.

The estimated value of the five-year contract is more than $30 million, He Li, chief executive of Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering, said yesterday. The Beijing-based company is a joint venture of Deutsche Lufthansa and Air China.

United has 52 Boeing 777s among its 455 aircraft.

Compiled from Seattle Times staff and Bloomberg News