The company: thePlatform, based in Seattle What's new: The company develops technology for customers to publish music, video and other digital-media...

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The company: thePlatform, based in Seattle

What’s new: The company develops technology for customers to publish music, video and other digital-media files to networks and devices. Last week, it announced the appointment of Warren Lieberfarb to its board of directors. Lieberfarb, an industry consultant, ran Warner Home Video for nearly 20 years. ThePlatform is seeking another round of funding and is expected to make an announcement in that area soon.

Back story: When thePlatform was featured in an Interface column (Sept. 8, 2003), it had 18 employees and about 20 deals with 12 customers, including Bank of America. It won $3.5 million in venture funding after its 2000 launch and gained tens of millions of dollars in a merger with Reliacast, a media-focused software company in Virginia.

Since then: The work force has grown to 45 employees. It has about 40 customers, said President Ian Blaine, including a recently announced deal with Amp’d Mobile. Amp’d is expected to launch later this year and plans to use thePlatform’s system to deliver digital audio and video to its subscribers’ handsets and computers. The company targets 18- to 34-year-old wireless users.

In 2003, thePlatform split its time between enterprise customers and those in the media and entertainment business. It has since focused more on media and entertainment clients, Blaine said. It recently began managing the downloads for Microsoft’s MSN Video service, which allows customers to move video content to their Portable Media Center devices.

Look for thePlatform to make an international move soon. In the next six to nine months, the company will be establishing a presence in Europe and Asia, Blaine said.

— Kim Peterson