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What: New Bay Software, Bellevue

Who: Timo Bauer, 33, general manager

Mission: Provide wireless carriers a way to present customized content on cellular phones.

Cache crop: The company offers “LifeCache,” a package that combines contact information, social-networking data, calendars, pictures and videos for storage in a single, easily accessible location. The tip of the iceberg is T-Mobile USA’s heavily promoted My Faves, a graphical environment Bauer thinks draws people to the carrier when they are making a choice. He calls this potentially lucrative space where the data resides “the intersection between the carriers and the Internet.”

Churn und drang: Bauer hopes his company’s service will drive customers to certain providers, then keep them in place. While those who switch from one carrier to another can keep the same phone number, they will lose all the contacts, calendars and social-networking data they’ve assembled. So the idea of keeping personal data intact will keep those customers loyal, minimizing churn, or provider switching. “We decrease churn and increase general revenue for our customers,” Bauer said.

Your name here: My Faves has become a recognized brand for T-Mobile, but that doesn’t mean other carriers won’t use New Bay technology. “We can create a different interface for every carrier and develop a unique consumer experience,” Bauer said. “We have no exclusivity agreements.”

Financials: Revenue comes directly from carriers, with the services offered to the consumer as part of the service package. Bauer said the venture-financed company is already “cash-flow positive and profitable.”

Employees: 22 today, with 60 projected by the end of the year. “We are in fast growth mode,” Bauer said.

Crash course: “The exciting part of this business is how the carrier world and the Internet world will collide,” Bauer said. “We are here to provide added value when that happens.”

— Charles Bermant