If you think about it, the Internet is the ultimate chameleon, able to change, transform and adapt itself so that it perfectly mimics a process done by a dedicated system.

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If you think about it, the Internet is the ultimate chameleon, able to change, transform and adapt itself so that it perfectly mimics a process done by a dedicated system.

Take mail for example. Before the Internet, you had to find a mailbox and drop it in. With the Internet, you just send an e-mail.

Now let’s take a simplified look at a telephone Private Branch Exchange or PBX system, which typically is used within a business.

Primarily made up of switching hardware and software, a PBX is typically used to interconnect a number of telephones to each other so that all the employees can be reached from the outside by calling just one phone number.

When outside calls come in, a live or automated attendant can route them to the proper person.

My1voice is a virtual PBX system that gives your company one phone number for all your phones, no matter where they are.

First of all, my1voice works with your existing phones, including cellphone, landline and even VoIP, so there’s no expensive switching equipment to buy.

You don’t even have to switch your phone service. You get a single business phone number that works with all your existing phones.

My1voice offers three service levels that come with different features and abilities.

The service begins by giving you a local or toll-free number that becomes your one number to call.

Customers hear a greeting that you can customize.

From there, the Virtual Auto Attendant will route the calls to the proper person via a variety of methods.

You can, for example, have it present a company automatic dial-by-name directory. In fact, you can create your own phone-menu structure for employees, departments or groups.

“Press 1 for Customer Services, press 2 for Sales, 3 for Technical Support” is a typical example of what you can create with my1voice.

Depending on whom the caller is trying to reach, you can setup my1voice to call anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

You can even structure my1voice so that the same selection will call different phones based upon the hour of the day, which is ideal for after-hour departments.

My1voice lets you record, upload and schedule day, night and after-hour messages so that clients will hear different time-relevant recordings.

Another feature lets you configure your auto-attendant so that it will find you, even follow you wherever you go.

To do this, you select call-forward numbers such as your office, home and cellphone. You can even choose to ring all those number simultaneously or in any sequential order you define.

You have enough flexibility so that you can ensure your callers never receive a busy signal and always get in touch with a live person. It’s completely up to you.

If messages are left, you can access your voice mail from the Internet. You can store and manage your messages online as you would your e-mail.

Instant-message notifications let you know new messages are waiting for you. my1voice can even convert those messages into audio files that can be e-mailed directly to you.

You can’t do that with PBX system, which is how the Internet chameleon does this a lot better than the original.

My1voice is available in Basic for $10 a month, Essential for $30 a month or Premium for $50 a month. Check the my1voice Web site (www.my1voice.com) for all the details.

If you’re looking for a modern way to get your phones managed, sound more professional and do it at a minimal cost, then my1voice may just be your Internet chameleon.