The latest update, the second major update for Windows 10, is set to arrive Aug. 2 with features that include add-ons for the Edge browser and business-focused security functions.

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More than 350 million devices are running Windows 10, Microsoft said Wednesday in an announcement detailing the new features arriving soon in a major update to the operating system.

The company has said it hopes to get 1 billion devices running Windows 10, which was originally released in July, by mid-2018.

The second major update for Windows 10 is scheduled to arrive Aug. 2, the company says, bringing features like support for touch-screen drawing with a digital pen, the introduction of browser add-ons to the Edge browser, and business-focused security functions.

Also arriving is Play Anywhere, a video-gaming feature that lets people who buy eligible games play them on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One console, while sharing game progress.

The new features, which Microsoft is calling the anniversary update, will arrive a few days after the expiration of its yearlong offer of a free update to Windows 10 for many users. After July 29, Microsoft says, the software’s home variant will cost $119.

The new tally of Windows 10 users follows changes to Microsoft’s aggressive prompts that encourage users of older versions of Windows to update to Windows 10.

The company was widely criticized for prompts that made it hard to say no to the new software, and left some personal-computer users angry when, they say, Windows 10 arrived on their computers without their consent.