The Surface Hub 2 will go on sale sometime in 2019.

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Microsoft has unveiled the newest version of its big, touch-enabled screen, the Surface Hub, and it’s more flexible than its predecessor.

The Surface Hub 2 will be available in 2019, but Microsoft didn’t provide an exact date or pricing details. The digital whiteboard-like display, meant for conference room meetings, first debuted in 2016 with 55-inch and 84-inch screens.

The new version of the Hub can rotate from vertical to horizontal positions and can connect to up to three more Hub screens to create one massive display. The Surface Hub 2 will come in one size – 50.5-inch – and have greater than 4K resolution.

Microsoft has sold Surface Hubs to more than 5,000 customers, chief product officer Panos Panay wrote in a blog post Tuesday. The original Hubs cost $8,999 for the 55-inch version and $21,999 for the 84-inch version.

Microsoft said the price of the Surface Hub 2 will be “competitive with other devices in the market.” That might put its cost near the $5,000 price tag of the Jamboard, Google’s 55-inch digital whiteboard.