Azure CTO Mark Russinovich said the company would not mess with the character of coding site GitHub, which Microsoft has proposed buying for $7.5 billion.

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Mark Russinovich, the technical chief of Microsoft Azure, knows developers are worried about the tech giant’s acquisition of popular coding website GitHub.

He’s heard the concerns that Microsoft will “mess with” the code repository site, or channel all developers’ work to Azure.

Not so, Russinovich said Wednesday on stage at the GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit in Bellevue.

“We’re just gonna be another cloud when it comes to GitHub,” he said. Making it harder for developers to access any other cloud would “fundamentally violate” the whole principle of GitHub, he said.

Microsoft announced earlier this month it would buy GitHub  in a deal worth $7.5 billion, and it immediately set to work assuaging developer concerns that it would completely change the site.

GitHub is a cloud-based site that allows software developers to share code and work on coding projects together. It has been run with an open-source mentality, something Microsoft has been embracing heavily in recent years.

But the company’s past history, when it was committed to only Microsoft-built technologies, has made some wary.

Microsoft hopes developers will use its technologies, Russinovich said, but it will not make it harder to use any other company’s technology on GitHub.

“It’s all going to be very light touch,” Russinovich said. “We’ll be in the marketplace just like everybody else will be in the marketplace. You’re not going to see any major preferential difference or advantage given to us over anybody else.”

Developers seem to be proceeding with caution. During Russinovich’s talk at the GeekWire summit, the audience voted in a virtual poll that asked “What do you think of Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub?”

The majority, 69 percent, said they were “Unsure, taking a wait-and-see approach.”

A quarter of the audience said it was the best thing to happen to GitHub, and 5 percent said they had already moved their code to another site.

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year.