A new Office 365 feature, called Resume Assistant, will give suggestions and allow users to see data from LinkedIn as they revise or create new resumes.

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It’s not quite the same as the departed Clippy, the talking paper clip, but Microsoft’s newest integration with LinkedIn will similarly offer pop-up advice to writers in Word.

Specifically, the Office 365 Resume Assistant feature will give suggestions and allow users to see data from the professional networking site as they revise or create new resumes.

Resume Assistant shows up in a panel on the right edge of a Word document, and allows people to see LinkedIn profiles with similar skills to their own and job postings that may match their experience. They can then add in certain wording to appeal to recruiters or to mirror others’ profiles.

The assistant will suggest skills to include in resumes, based on data for what is most likely to get job seekers hired. It will also let users connect to recruiters using LinkedIn’s Open Candidates, which alerts recruiters that someone is looking for new opportunities, while shielding that person’s current employer from learning about that contact.

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for more than $26 billion in a deal that closed late last year. So far, integrations between the professional networking site and Microsoft’s other products have moved at a measured pace – the most significant is LinkedIn profile data appearing in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 software for salespeople.

Resume Assistant will roll out to Office 365 users over the next couple of months, starting with some on Thursday.