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A copyright dispute between Getty Images and Microsoft has ended with a business deal.

The image licensing company sued Microsoft in federal court in New York in September, saying a tool linked to the Redmond software company’s Bing search engine facilitated “massive infringement” of Getty copyrights.

The Bing Image Widget allowed website owners to embed a panel on their site that displayed images culled from Bing’s image search. Getty contended that images displayed by the widget included Getty-copyrighted photos without proper payment or attribution. Microsoft took down the tool after the lawsuit was filed, and argued in court filings that Getty failed to demonstrate any infringement.

Lawyers for the two companies filed court papers on Monday dropping the suit. On Tuesday, Getty announced a partnership deal to build tools to bring the company’s image library to Microsoft products like Bing and the Cortana digital assistant.

“In the coming years, the two companies’ technology teams will partner to provide real-time access to Getty Images imagery and associated metadata to enhance the Microsoft user experience,” the companies said in a statement.

Representatives of both companies declined to detail the terms of the deal.