The math suggests Sony has sold nearly twice as many of its current-generation console as Microsoft has.

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 hasn’t doubled the number of Microsoft’s Xbox One units sold, but it’s pretty close, if figures disclosed by video-game publisher Electronic Arts this week are accurate.

Blake Jorgensen, EA’s chief financial officer, said on an earnings conference call Thursday that the company estimates the current generation of video-game consoles it works with had sold 55 million units through the end of 2015.

Sony said earlier this month that it has sold upward of 35.9 million PlayStation 4 consoles. That leaves 19 million for the Xbox One, by EA’s estimate.

Microsoft, for its part, stopped releasing reports of Xbox One unit sales last year, switching the company’s preferred metric to users of the Xbox Live multiplayer and game sales platform. The company on Friday declined to comment on EA’s sales estimate.

Microsoft’s latest game console stumbled out of the gate at its launch in 2013, as the device’s early pitch to consumers as a living room hub wasn’t well received by the hardcore gamers who drive sales. The bundling of the Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor made the Xbox more expensive than Sony’s console.

Microsoft has since refocused its attention on gamers, aiming its marketing on new or exclusive games, and overhauling the console’s operating system.

In its own quarterly earnings report on Thursday, Microsoft said gaming unit revenue grew 5 percent, or $192 million, during the last three months of 2015 compared with a year earlier. Xbox Live and video game sales were higher during the quarter, Microsoft said. But Xbox hardware revenue fell 9 percent, as a decline in sales of prior-generation Xbox 360 consoles outweighed the growth in sales of the Xbox One.

Monthly active users of Xbox Live, including those plugged in to the service on earlier consoles, grew 30 percent from a year earlier, Microsoft says, to 48 million.