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PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Maine fishermen are heading out on the water to participate in the state’s rebuilt scallop fishery, which targets one of the most lucrative seafood species in the country.

Scallop fishing begins Friday in Maine and lasts until mid-April. The specifications for the season are very similar to the previous year.

Fishermen in most of the state can harvest up to 15 gallons of shucked scallops per day, while those in the Cobscook Bay area are limited to 10 gallons. Cobscook Bay is the most fertile scallop fishing ground in the state.

Maine scallop fishing collapsed in the mid-2000s and has since recovered in the wake of new management plans. Fishermen saw a record price-per-pound at the dock last year of $12.77. Prices of scallops in other states are also up.