Starbucks opens Roy Street Coffee & Tea on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, the second of three stores it plans in Seattle that are "inspired by Starbucks" but don't carry its name.

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RoyStreetCoffee 005.jpgStarbucks opens Roy Street Coffee & Tea on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, the second of three stores it plans in Seattle that are “inspired by Starbucks” but don’t carry its name.

They sell things like wine, beer and gourmet cheese plates that are not on typical Starbucks menus and could not be easily mass produced.

The group at tonight’s media preview was much smaller than in July, when national TV networks descended on the first non-Starbucks along 15th Avenue East.

By now, it’s old news that Starbucks is experimenting with its name in Seattle and its look worldwide, bringing more local flavor to stores from Seattle’s University Village to Paris Disney Village to London.

Right down to the torture-chamber hanging lamps, the Tudor revival look of Roy Street Coffee & Tea, at 700 Broadway East, captures the architecture of a section of Capitol Hill that’s home to the Harvard Exit movie theater and Cornish College of the Arts, as well as big-name Seattle coffeehouses including Espresso Vivace, Joe Bar, and Dilettante Mocha Cafe.

RoyStreetCoffee 002.jpgLike the 3,600-square-foot location, the menu will be vaster than at 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea. There will be more wine, more beer, more cheese from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese — and Frappuccinos, which are absent from 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea.

Jared Mockli, who trains baristas at both non-Starbucks locations, didn’t want to talk about the Frappuccino thing. In fact, he was in denial about it until longtime customer Melody Overton, of, pointed to the menu. She was surprised, too. Frappuccinos are not your traditional coffeehouse fare.

Mockli preferred to practice on the shop’s Synesso Hydra (action photo), which will pour standard espresso and single-origin coffees. Roy Street Coffee & Tea also has a Clover machine and will serve pour-over coffee instead of electric-pot brewed coffee.

RoyStreetCoffee 006.jpgFeeling the pressure of Thanksgiving around the corner, Mockli, who’s also a trainer for Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup, is working fast to teach all the shop’s baristas to make turkey latte art in time. Now there’s something Starbucks couldn’t mass produce.
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