A weekly column profiling companies and personalities. This week: Secure Asset Reporting Services.

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What: Secure Asset Reporting Services

What it does: Provides technology for tracking global assets using satellite, cellular and radio-frequency devices that communicate with its software. It opened in 2000 in Anchorage.

Key executive: Clayton Shelver, president. Formerly vice president and chief information officer of Yukon Fuel, and traffic manager at Yutana Barge Lines, where he created the freight-tracking system. A former U.S. Army Reserves signal officer, he has a bachelor’s . and master’s degrees from the University of Washington.

Stats: Ten workers at Bellevue headquarters and in Anchorage. Annual sales of about $5 million.

History: Security Asset was spun off from a family-owned Alaskan shipping and fuel business. The CIO wanted to optimize delivery of fuel to remote settlements in the limited time when tugs and barges could move on the waterways. He needed reliable data on fleet location and accurate telemetry on fuel levels at the facilities. So the company built a solution.

Market: Clients include U.S. Coast Guard, marine-transportation companies, air carriers, manufacturers shipping containers overseas and contractors in such hostile zones as Iraq.

Differentiators: The company offers a technology platform that’s hardware agnostic. “This allows our customers to leverage their existing hardware investments and permits us to adapt to technology innovations without redesigning our software,” Shelver said.

Motivators: It’s involved in two hot areas: security and supply-chain monitoring and reporting.

— Brier Dudley