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US again extends limited reprieve on tech sales to Huawei

Visitors look at the surveillance cameras by China’s telecoms equipment giant Huawei on display at the China Public Security Expo in Shenzhen, China’s Guangdong province, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019. China’s ruling Communist Party is holding a key meeting this week amid a drastically slowing economy, ongoing protests in Hong Kong and pushback abroad against Beijing’s global ambitions. Huawei has seen both its reputation and business suffer as the result of a concerted U.S. campaign to reject it as a threat to national security. (AP Photo/Andy Wong) XAW104 XAW104

The Trump administration has extended for 90 more days a limited reprieve on U.S. technology sales to Huawei. The U.S. government blacklisted the Chinese tech company in May, deeming it a national security risk. That means U.S. firms aren't allowed to sell technology to Huawei without government approval. The limited reprieve renewed Monday applies to...

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