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Relocation to a new city often involves cost-of-living considerations.

Therefore, when considering a job and scenery change, it’s not a bad idea to first check out how your current salary would fare in a different city.

A number of user-friendly cost-of-living calculators on the Web can help you figure out your salary needs in a new location.

Here are a few:

Best Places: A simple look at how your current salary measures up in a new town. Calculate relocation equivalents and expenses in dozens of categories, from home and rent price to different foods and services. Calculates the cost of living in two different states based on your current income.

PayScale: Looks at cost-of-living calculations between U.S. cities with graphs that chart increases or reductions in specific services. Explore cost-of-living differences based on old and new home and work locations, with brief analysis details about the move.