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Ed the Plumber

Q: I need to have a new toilet installed, and the plumber I have used in the past is no longer in business. I’m looking for a good plumber who will be fair with his price and will do quality work. Can you give me some tips to keep in mind when I start the search for my new plumber?

A: Finding a good contractor/plumber is kind of like being a private eye looking for a missing person. Get in touch with the people who are most likely to give you the information you need. Contact building-supply houses, town inspectors and friends who’ve had remodeling work done recently to get recommendations you can trust.

Good contractors/plumbers usually pay bills on time to the supply house, have a good reputation with inspectors and are known to past customers for doing quality work.

The trick is to find a name that pops up more than once.

Also, make sure your new plumber is licensed/insured and gives you a price up front.

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