More than a year ago, thousands of Seattle-area office workers left behind acres of cubicles to fashion home offices at dining room tables and in spare rooms. The makeshift setup has lasted longer than many of us could have imagined.

Working from home has underscored divisions in the pandemic economy and brought on a monumental shift for office workers: more flexibility in when to log on, but less separation between home and work; freedom from costly commutes, but new bills for desks, monitors and better internet service; Zoom — for better or worse.

Now, employers are eyeing a return to the office. 

Microsoft this week became the first major local employer to announce that it would allow its roughly 57,000 employees to return to the office starting Monday. Microsoft will cap the number of people allowed in shared spaces and will allow employees to split their time between home and the office. Facebook and Amazon are planning some level of return to the office in early July.

As more employers reopen offices, we want to hear from you: Have you been working from home? What have been the biggest challenges and benefits? Do you plan to return to working at the office? Why or why not? 

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