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LONDON (AP) — Dozens of flights at London’s Heathrow Airport were canceled Thursday amid forecasts of snow and strong winds in Britain.

Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, said 80 out of about 1,350 flights scheduled Thursday were canceled pre-emptively because of the wintry weather. Officials say travelers should check their flight status with their airline before heading to the airport.

Britain’s weather forecasters issued warnings for snow for much of the country up until Saturday, with frequent snow showers and gales expected across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England. Sleet or snow may affect southern England as well.

Forecasters say the weather is caused by a polar air mass that originated over northern Canada.

Gatwick Airport, also in London, said there may be some delays and cancellations because snow and ice warnings are causing route restrictions.

Officials say residents from the village of Jaywick, on England’s southeastern coast, were being evacuated from their homes amid warnings of high waves and floods.

Schools in parts of the country have closed and some students have been sent home.