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Boeing said it has selected GE as its sole engine partner for developing the next version of the 777, which is slated to begin service near the end of the decade.

The so-called 777X has not officially been launched, but there are reports Boeing executives may seek the board’s permission as soon as next month to begin formally offering it to customers.

The plane would be a larger and more efficient version of the company’s best-selling twin-aisle plane, and is expected to have composite carbon-fiber wings.

GE said it’s working on an engine with approximately 100,000 pounds of thrust that will offer a 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over today’s GE90 engines.

Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce supplied engines for early versions of the 777, and Rolls had been considered for the 777x.

“We have had strong and productive engagement with a broad set of customers in the marketplace to understand their future needs. We are pleased with where we are in the process,” said Bob Feldmann, vice president and general manager of 777X Development. “We are aggressively moving forward on our plan and will continue to refine requirements with customers.”