Ford Motor Co. is recalling nearly 50,000 Mustang Mach-Es and telling dealers to pause deliveries of the all-electric crossover due to a safety defect that could result in power loss.

The Dearborn automaker has filed a recall notice with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding an issue on some Mach-Es that can cause the vehicle’s high-voltage battery main contactors to overheat.


“Overheating may lead to arcing and deformation of the electrical contact surfaces, which can result in a contactor that remains open or a contactor that welds closed,” according to the automaker. “An overheated contactor that opens while driving can result in a loss of motive power, which can increase the risk of an accident.”

The fix for the issue is a software update. Ford expects to begin over-the-air software updates for affected vehicles next month. Owners also will have the option to take their vehicle to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to complete the update.

Dealers have been asked to pause deliveries of the Mach-E until the software update is completed.

The recall includes 48,924 vehicles in the U.S. Ford said there are no open NHTSA investigations into the issue.