Even if the evidence on Seattle's minimum-wage hike is early and conflicting, please tell us how you're leaning. Stay for the links and haiku.

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The final word on Seattle’s step up to a $15-per-hour minimum wage isn’t in, but two reports offer the first sizable assessments of the law.

One, from the University of California, Berkeley, said it had improved pay for workers and not affected jobs. The second, from the University of Washington, said the higher wage had led to a cut in hours and many workers were being hurt. Each had its flaws and detractors, as I discussed here.

Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times examined how much of a problem the UW study would be for supporters of a $15 wage elsewhere. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog called it bad news for liberals. The Angry Bear blog pushes back. I’m willing to wait and see. But where do you stand now?

The poll has expired. Thank you for your submissions.

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Today’s Econ Haiku:

Taking stock, first half

Market watchers are nervous

Fear, greed, random walk