Are you a Nordy's loyalist or have your habits changed. Please vote.

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As I’ve recounted before, I first shopped at Nordstrom — in the old building — on a visit to Seattle in 1991. Although I had been in department-store palaces in New York City. Philadelphia and Cincinnati, this was something special. I got a Nordstrom credit card, even though there was no store in Denver, where I was living. Soon, Nordstrom paid for its card-holders in the Mile High City to take a chartered flight to its modest store in Salt Lake City to gauge interest in a Denver location. The airplane was full. This was among the many things that made Nordy’s special.

I’ve been a loyal shopper ever since, in its department stores (I also patronize Macy’s downtown). But these venues are in trouble with e-commerce and changing shopping habits. (Though my habits have barely changed). It’s something informing the family’s consideration of going private. Without the ball and chain of Wall Street, Nordy’s has a better chance of surviving — and Seattle of keeping this icon.

Sure, America goes overboard with consumption. But one person’s cutbacks are another person’s lost job. I feel it a civic duty to patronize the retailers that have invested in downtown Seattle, so we can keep a real downtown and not merely have endless rows of restaurants or empty storefronts.

But how are you with Nordstrom today?

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