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I was a fairly early adopter, moving to a PalmPilot (remember those?) in 1998. This year I’ve gone back to a physical Franklin Planner as my primary calendar. Don’t judge. I like the tactile sense of writing, a safe space from the cloud and crashing apps.

Few will go that far, but growth in the sale of many categories of electronic devices is slowing down. This is most evident with Apple’s disappointing start for its new iPhone, costing a cool $999, even though the AAPL financials are strong. As I write, nervous investors have dropped the company’s shares by nearly 3 percent.

Don’t get me wrong. I still use a laptop and tablet, still carry my iPhone 6. But I’m in less of a hurry to have the latest device. How about you?


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Today’s Econ Haiku:

Stocks go up and down

This a healthy correction?

Or bear essential?