Seattle’s minimum wage in the new year will be $13 for large employers that don’t provide medical benefits, on its way to $15 by 2017.

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Seattle’s minimum wage is set to rise again in January.

As of Jan. 1, Seattle’s minimum will be $13 an hour for large employers (more than 500 employees) that don’t provide medical benefits.

Large employers that pay toward medical benefits must pay at least $12.50 an hour.

Small employers (with 500 or fewer employees) also have two options:

They may pay a flat $12 an hour. Or they can pay $10.50 an hour if they also pay $1.50 an hour toward medical benefits or their employees earn at least $1.50 an hour in tips.

Seattle’s minimum-wage law, which went into effect in April, gradually increases the minimum wage within the city to $15.

Large businesses that don’t pay medical benefits will have to pay $15 an hour by 2017. All employers will have to pay at least $15 by 2021.

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