A weekly column profiling companies and personalities. This week: Dynamic Systems.

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What: Dynamic Systems, Redmond

Who: Alison Falco, 59, president

Mission: Provide small and medium-size companies with the ability to track their assets through bar-code technology.

For the masses: Bar codes, which have existed for almost 30 years, were once affordable only by large companies. Dynamic Systems is looking to change this, one label a time, through diverse uses: Law firms can locate necessary documents, while a fish processor can pinpoint where a fish is in the delivery chain should a recall be necessary.

Forks to forklifts: Bar codes may not do much to keep track of intellectual property, but Falco thinks the technology can help track almost everything tangible. “Whether they are single practitioners or large manufacturers, we can help any business that has an asset that matters, and that needs to keep track of what they own,” she said.

Location, location: Machines work only as well as the people who operate them, so if an item isn’t scanned in transit it can’t be located. Falco compensates for the possibility of human error with the convenient placement of scanning hardware. “In a law firm’s document room, you walk right by the scanner to leave the room,” she said. “Scanning becomes second nature.”

Employees: 14

Financials: The private company, which says it is profitable, does not divulge any specific financial information.

One-stop shop: The 27-year-old company, which manufactures bar-code hardware and provides consulting services, recently filled out its offerings with the acquisition of software provider EDP Systems Services. The two companies had the same customers, and now hope the merger will offer customers more integrated service and support.

Must-love job: “It’s a very creative business,” Falco said of her chosen field. “We work with a different variety of companies every day. It goes from a fish processor to a law firm to a hospital. It’s a problem-solving, intense business.”

— Charles Bermant