BERLIN (AP) — A German man suspected in three heists against money transporters, including one at Cologne-Bonn airport, was arrested in the Netherlands on Tuesday, German investigators said.

The 60-year-old, whose name wasn’t released, is alleged to have participated in the robberies in Cologne in 2018 and at the airport and in Frankfurt in 2019.

Two guards were wounded in the latter attacks, and the suspect is accused of using a machine gun in the airport robbery, prosecutors and police in Cologne said in a statement.

In all three cases, the assailants fled in cars stolen in the Netherlands, set fire to them near the crime scene and continued in a second car, they said. Investigators were able to identify a car that they allegedly used to flee back across the border.

Prosecutors and police said their investigation did not confirm media speculation that former members of the far-left Red Army Faction group may have been involved in the robberies.

They said they already have sought the extradition of the suspect, who was detained on a European arrest warrant.