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Boeing is almost finished repairing several balky systems on a new 787 Dreamliner operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle, said Bjorn Kjos, the airline’s chief executive.

Kjos said work on the plane, which has been grounded for two weeks, could be completed Friday.

Boeing had sent more than a dozen technicians to Europe to work on the jet, Kjos said. He said he planned to take advantage of their presence to accelerate regular maintenance on Norwegian Air Shuttle’s second Dreamliner next week.

The CEO said he had been angry on behalf of his airline’s passengers over software malfunctions involving the brake warning lights and a faulty hydraulic pump on the 787 that was grounded. Some passengers were stranded for 12 hours in September when flights were canceled.

But Kjos said Norwegian had not run in to any major problems with its other Dreamliner, and planned to take delivery of five more of the new fuel-efficient planes by the end of 2014.