The sizes and locations of three proposed Microsoft buildings along the Malaga Alcoa Highway east of Wenatchee were published online Friday.

The 90,000-square-foot structures would each be 400 by 225 feet, according to Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority agenda documents. One was parallel to the highway, while another sat west and perpendicular to it.

“At this time, we don’t have any further information to share on our Malaga development,” a Microsoft spokesperson said Friday.

Microsoft plans to possibly build six data center buildings on 102.5 acres along the Malaga Alcoa Highway.

The information was on the agenda because an architecture firm is working on infrastructure improvements to the Malaga Water District.

Two of the buildings will need between 150 and 250 gallons of water per minute daily, according to Friday’s documents. The district’s three wells supply about 980 gallons per minute combined, according to a district comprehensive water system plan in 2018.

A 5,000-foot-long water line is being ordered now to ensure its debut next year as part of upgrades to the Malaga Water District.

The possible $40 million in water district improvements is expected to provide more water to the area and help cool Microsoft’s potential six cloud-storage buildings.

Microsoft Philanthropies underwrites some Seattle Times journalism projects.