COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark’s inflation rate has increased to 6.7% in April in its highest level since 1984 as electricity and heating prices spike, authorities said Tuesday.

The consumer price index rose from 5.4% in March, according to official figures from Statistics Denmark.

The agency said that it is largely price changes in goods that raise the annual increase in the consumer price index. Goods have risen by an average of 10.3% and that was the highest annual increase since November 1982, when the annual increase also was 10.3%.

When excluding energy prices, the so-called core inflation rate was 3.6% which Statistics Denmark said was the highest since 1990. The agency said that it’s largely price increases for tobacco and the rental of holiday homes rentals that are driving up core inflation compared to March.

Denmark, a member of the European Union, stands outside the 19-country eurozone.