The Internet has spawned a whole new generation of successful, entrepreneurial businesses. A lot of them began in a home or out of a garage...

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The Internet has spawned a whole new generation of successful, entrepreneurial businesses. A lot of them began in a home or out of a garage. Many small brick-and-mortar locations that serve both a walk-in and online clientele are flourishing, too.

These smaller businesses find themselves expanding rapidly, which is a wonderful thing, but it also throws up some unique hurdles that need to be overcome. One of them is the need for professionally printed labels.

If your business occasionally needs a few color labels, using an everyday inkjet printer to crank them out may be fine. On the other end of the scale are businesses needing tens of thousands of custom labels. For those businesses, professional services using Flexo Presses are available to print them — with an impressive bill to match.

That leaves those businesses I mentioned above. Perhaps one of them is yours, one that needs to produce customized full-color labels in quantities less than 10,000 but can’t afford to have them produced on a Flexo. Well then, have I got a printer for you!

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The LX800 color label printer from Primera ( gives you an affordable, industrial-grade printer with the ability to produce high-resolution 4,800 dots-per-inch color labels and tags.

The first major advantage to using the LX800 is customization. Being able to make changes to your labels before, during and after a run can literally make the LX800 pay for itself.

In fact, the money you’d have to spend to make just one change on a Flexo Press run could be enough to buy an LX800. Anyone who has dealt with a Flexo Press (these humongous machines can weigh tons and easily fill a huge room) is well aware of the high costs associated with resetting the Flexo’s plates and dies in order to make changes on labels.

Another advantage of the LX800 (it weighs only 29 pounds and is the size of an average laser printer) is its output quality. A Flexo’s output is usually not in full color. The output from the LX800 is in full color, and the labels are both scratchproof and highly water resistant. There’s no banding or dots, and the text images are sharp and clear.

Finally, there’s speed and cost. Printing speed on the LX800 varies with the size and quality setting of the label but typically each label can be generated at 2 inches per second at 600 dpi.

Different size label rolls are available as well. Labels at 2 inches square come in 1,500 labels per roll. Larger sizes such as 8 inches square come in 400 labels per roll.

Given the size and speed of printing, Primera estimates the cost at pennies per label, far less than on a Flexo generating 10,000 labels for you, and especially if you have to make changes.

Chances are your business needs to affix labels not only to the shipping boxes, which contain your products, but also to the individual packaging and the products themselves.

The LX800 can use most any industry-standard label, but Primera recommends the Fasson 300 HG (High Gloss) or the Fasson 300 SG (Semi Gloss) labels for optimum output.

Having labels generated on the self-adhesive backed rolls is ideal for just about any kind of business you can imagine.

Wineries can put them on their bottles, for example. Businesses can apply them to jars that contain anything from applesauce to zucchinis, or affix them to bags of specialty candies, for example.

Items such as bar codes, expiration dates, inventory numbers, product images and other variables on the label can be changed on the fly using the included Windows software.

If you want to give your business a more professional image with high quality labels on your products and packaging, look into the LX800 from Primera. At $2,495, you can now to retire your overworked inkjet to printing out those old vacation photos stagnating inside your digital camera and leave the professional printing jobs to your LX800.