CASHMERE — Just in time for Cashmere’s Founders’ Days celebration, Liberty Orchards, the makers of Aplets and Cotlets, announced Thursday it has a new owner — KDV USA.

The company is part of KDV Group, described as an international confectioner and snack maker.

According to the post on Liberty Orchards’ website and Facebook page, the Cashmere operation and its employees will continue “making the same recipes that have been popular for over 100 years.”

Factory tours and the retail store at 117 Mission Ave., Cashmere, and the mail order online store also will remain open.

The company, founded in 1920 by Armenian immigrants Mark Balaban and Armen Tertsagian, has been a mainstay in Cashmere where it has streets named in its honor — Aplets Way and Cotlets Way.

In January 2020, then-company president Greg Taylor, Tertsagian’s grandson who had been on the job for more than 40 years, announced the company was looking for a buyer. In an interview at the time, Taylor said the hope was to find a buyer interested in both continuing the brands and keeping the business in Cashmere. But if a buyer could not be found, the company would close the doors.

In March this year, Taylor announced it would close June 1. Just before Memorial Day weekend, Liberty Orchards announced — also on social media — that negotiations were underway with a potential buyer and the company’s operations would continue.