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Boeing on Friday issued layoff notices to 447 employees across the company, 266 of them in Western Washington.

The layoffs, to take effect Nov. 22, are part of the wave of cuts Boeing management announced in the spring, when the company said the Puget Sound-area work force would be reduced this year by about 800 machinists and 700 engineering staff.

Of those who got layoff notices locally on Friday, about 220 were in the commercial-jet division, 30 on the defense side and the remainder from smaller corporate-support units. The commercial-jet unit’s layoffs include about 80 production workers, members of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) union; about 70 engineers, members of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) union; and about 60 technical staff, also SPEEA members.

Separately on Friday, a large group of Boeing engineering staff responsible for configuring aircraft interiors was informed by management that cuts to their unit are looming.

The chief engineers responsible for the aircraft interiors on all the different jet programs sent out a joint letter to their engineering staff saying that because the new 787 and 747-8 airplane programs have moved from development to production, the consequent reduction in work means staffing cuts.

“In the next month, the managers and skill teams will be speaking with many of you regarding redeployment to another group or program, releasing some of our contract labor force, and in some cases, layoffs,” the letter stated.

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