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Boeing said Wednesday it has permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly a 787 back to Everett from Texas, where it was being painted.

The flight is planned for Thursday, spokesman Marc Birtel said in an emailed statement.

“The only people aboard are those needed to operate the flight,” the FAA said in a statement confirming the planned flight. In addition to limiting the “one-time special flight permit” to a direct flight from Ft. Worth, Texas, to Everett, the agency imposed several requirements:

* The crew “must perform a number of inspections to verify that the batteries and cables show no signs of damage.”

* It must conduct “a mandatory check for specific status messages that could indicate possible battery problems.”

* And, “While airborne, the crew must continuously monitor the flight computer for battery related messages, and land immediately if one occurs.”

Boeing spokesman Birtel said company officials “are confident – as is the FAA – that the 787 is safe to operate for this activity. Safety of the crew on board is our top priority.”