Boeing reported 20 new orders this week, all 737s except for one customized VIP 747.

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Boeing booked 20 new jet orders this week: 19 for the single-aisle 737 and one for a VIP version of the 747 jumbo jet.

The orders are worth just over $1 billion, according to market value estimates by aircraft valuation firm Avitas.

Southwest Airlines placed a firm order for 13 of the Renton-built 737s. Boeing also revealed that three 737s previously listed as unidentified are going to Southwest.

Scandanavian airline SAS ordered one 737 and an unidentified customer ordered two more.

In addition, Boeing booked orders for three private VIP Boeing Business Jet versions of the 737 and one customized 747 for a private customer. Boeing typically doesn’t identify its VIP customers.