Private jet charter company JetSuite is interested in up to 100 of Kirkland startup Zunum’s aircraft, slated to begin delivery in 2022.

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Kirkland-based Zunum Aero announced Monday that private-jet-charter provider JetSuite will be the launch customer for its small hybrid-electric aircraft slated for delivery in 2022.

Zunum, a startup that’s won funding from both Boeing and the state of Washington, is developing a plane, mostly built of composites, with Tesla-style battery packs in the wings.

As a hybrid, it will also carry a relatively small amount of fuel.

JetSuite will take up to 100 of Zunum’s aircraft, according to the announcement, though no financial commitment is mentioned.

Zunum’s initial airplane design would theoretically seat up to a dozen people, but since Federal Aviation Administration rules require two pilots for 10 or more passengers, in practice, it’ll be a nine-seater in the U.S.

Aircraft of this size typically are used as air taxis or as commuter planes for business people on high-traffic, short-hop routes such as Silicon Valley to Los Angeles.

In April 2017, Boeing’s venture-capital unit Horizon along with New York City-based airline JetBlue Airways gave Zunum an undisclosed amount of startup funding. The state of Washington’s Clean Energy Fund later kicked in an $800,000 research-and-development grant.

Irvine, California-based JetSuite offers private-charter flights. Founder and CEO Alex Wilcox was earlier a founding executive of JetBlue, which partners with JetSuite.

In a statement, Wilcox said the agreement with Zunum will bring “more efficient and environmentally friendly aviation solutions to our private- and semi-private-jet customers.”