Among the displays: a jet trainer prototype for the Air Force and a "bird of prey" drone meant to scare off wayward flocks.

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The back end of a Boeing F/A-18 showing the twin jet exhaust nozzles.

No, Leonardo is not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It’s the new name of Italian aerospace company Finmeccanica – named after Leonardo da Vinci. Together with Raytheon, they’ve developed the T-100 to compete to be the next Air Force trainer jet in the T-X competition. Boeing will also have a candidate for T-X.

What’s the big video screen at Farnborough tracking during  Friday’s aerial display? Is it a bird? No. It’s a robot. A drone. It’s made to look like and move like a bird of prey. It’s intended to scare off flocks of real birds at airports to avoid collisions with  aircraft.