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Tuesday’s huge wide-body order from Qantas caps a busy year for both Boeing and Airbus. Prior to the Qantas deal being finalized, Boeing is ahead, especially in the richer widebody jet sales.

Manufacturer & model Gross Orders* as of Nov. 30, 2005
narrow-body 737 465
midsize wide-body 767 18
new midsize wide-body 787 185
large wide-body 777 111
jumbo 747 48
TOTAL** 827
narrow-body A320 family 549
older mid-size wide-body A300/310 7
midsize wide-body A330 57
new midsize wide-body A350 49
large wide-body A340 15
superjumbo A380 10
TOTAL** 687
* To compare like-with-like, gross orders as of the end of last month are cited. Boeing’s gross order total excludes 25 cancellations and substitutions of orders from previous years, including 14 of the now out-of-production 717 jet. Boeing’s net order total through Nov. 30 was 800.
** Totals do not include two large Chinese orders recently announced, a 150-jet order for Airbus and a 70-jet order for Boeing. These deals may not be finalized this year. The Airbus total also omits firm orders this month for 10 A380s from UPS.
Source: Boeing, Airbus