Boeing Commercial Airplanes announced that Elizabeth Lund, the overall site leader in Everett, will also take on oversight of two extra widebody jet programs.

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Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) chief Ray Conner announced a series of leadership changes Tuesday. The most significant elevates Elizabeth Lund, the top woman in Boeing’s local airplane-assembly operations, to oversee the 747 and 767 as well as the 777 jet program she already leads.

The changes are spurred by promotions announced last week by Boeing corporate in Chicago, which placed current BCA executives Scott Fancher and Pat Shanahan in new roles.

Senior Vice President Shanahan had been in charge of all airplane programs. In a message to employees, Conner said Shanahan’s position ”will not be backfilled, in keeping with the goal we set earlier this year to lean out our structure from the top down.”

Instead, responsibility for the different jet programs is being parceled out to various executives, with each reporting directly to Conner.

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Lund takes the largest role. Already the overall site leader in Everett, she now also takes on oversight of two extra widebody jet programs.

Bruce Dickinson, responsible for day-to-day management of the 747 program, will also take on the 767 program, and will report to Lund.

Brad Zaback, now head of the 767 program, will move to manage the 777 program, also reporting to Lund.

Everett’s newest jet program, the 787 Dreamliner, will continue to be led by Mark Jenks.

In Renton, Scott Campbell remains in charge of the 737 narrowbody jet program.

And in North Charleston, S.C., Beverly Wyse will continue to lead Boeing South Carolina.

Lund, Jenks, Campbell and Wyse will all report directly to Conner.

Additionally, Walt Odisho, who two years ago was brought in from Toyota as vice president of manufacturing and safety to oversee the streamlining of Boeing’s production system, will now report to Conner.

“This new lineup will give airplane programs a more direct link to the leadership team,” Conner said in his message.

Lund, who holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Tulsa and a master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the University of Missouri, joined Boeing in 1991 as a payloads engineer.

She has held a variety of assignments, including 737 deputy chief project engineer as well as being head of manufacturing on the 747, 767 and 777 programs.