Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun announced Thursday a substantial expansion of the company’s senior leadership team: The Executive Council will swell from 12 top executives to 21 and become significantly more diverse.

The nine additions to the ExCo, as it is dubbed internally, include three Black executives and one who is the daughter of Indian immigrants. Now, one-third of the ExCo’s members are people of color, including six Black executives.

“This larger and more dynamic group will bring new perspectives and foster healthy debate while driving strategic decisions,” Calhoun wrote in a note to employees.

“The diversity of thought, background, experience and skill on ExCo gives me great confidence that we will continue to promote trust and transparency, which are vital to our mission to build an equitable and inclusive workplace for all,” he added.

The most well-known locally of the new ExCo members is Mark Jenks, an engineer who is head of all airplane programs in Boeing’s commercial jet division.

At Boeing since 1983, Jenks was a leader on the 787 Dreamliner program from its inception, eventually leading the program. He later led the push to develop a new airplane design, known as the New Midmarket Airplane, a concept now shelved indefinitely due to the pandemic.


He took over the 737 MAX program in July 2019, after that jet was grounded.

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One of most prominent members of the ExCo is lawyer Marc Allen, 47. He is the longest-serving Black executive in Boeing’s leadership, on the ExCo since 2014, and has been tipped as a likely future CEO since soon after he joined the company in 2007.